From its foundation Grunewald district has been the place of residence of representatives of the European elite – aristocrats, industrialists, bankers, actors, writers and artists. Constructed under Chancellor Bismarck the district is in the heart of the largest woodland in Berlin – Grunewald wood. Although it is not the wood as we understand it. Carefully cleared, clean and well-cared for it rather resembles the park suitable for walks and riding a bike. The various landscape and area of the wood of more than 36 hectares guarantee that it will not bother you and even in several years there will be places there which you have never seen before.

The district is divided in two parts by the former Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit — AVUS which is used as a highway now. The circuit goes along the picturesque Wannsee lake which is one of the glacial lakes connected by natural channels and artificial canals and stretching to the very Potsdam on which international competitions in yachting and different types of rowing are held. In the western part of the wood there are tennis courts, stables and horseback riding areas. On Steffi Graf Stadium at Hundekehlesee lake the German Open tennis tournaments are held.

This unique area is located just five minutes by car from the center of Berlin, that allows to use simultaneously the advantages of country life and opportunities of modern European metropolis.